Monday, January 9, 2012

Motivation of love.

Look who's here again people! Hohoho! Okay, please don't get the wrong idea does not mean the above photo is the one who's blogging now. I'm Winnie the owner of the blogger. Haha! Well, I'd some good news for anyone who care, I found a job. Although pay is not high, but it's all on your ability to earn for the commission! Baby and Baobei is always giving me encouragement! But one sad thing is Baby hate it when I'm not punctual for my work! Arghhhhhh! But it's okay at least someone forcing me to work hard so I won't be lazy. Hehe!

Once again, happy 34th anniversary! I love you! Thanks for being there with me through so much obstacles. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, GO FOR YOUR INTERVIEW IF THERE'S JOB FOR YOU AGAIN, SLEEPY HEAD! I guess you also going crazy nua at the bed every time already. Hehe!

Well, Baobei don't be stress up over stuff already. There's always a way to slove things out. Just concentrate on your work and earn more for your commission. Don't nua at work or play around already. Haha!

Okay, now I'm gonna say work hard to myself! Gonna work hard and buy Baby some new clothes already! It's time for a change of style soon! Loop Loop! <3

Monday, January 2, 2012

Don't cry over spilled milk.

Happy new year, friend!
There's too much things happen last year, gonna learn from past mistakes and start afresh this year! Jeviar's face so much obstacle last year. I'm glad that we pull through all face all the obstacle together. Well, but this time round is some tragic happens. Jeviar's took more time to pull through and stand up again. Don't worry okay! Everything will be better in time. I'm sorry things turn out to be so ugly partly blame it on me. I'll learn to control myself, and keep those harsh words. Not being so aggressive towards anyone. Mistakes make people learn and I'll learn from my mistakes as well. Hope you find a job soon. I'll always encourage you. Don't worry okay? As long as you know I'm fine with it. You should understand me well ba. You should know what I'm fine with it. Well, I don't know if I should feel guilty or happy. Guilty as I cause you and your family quarrel. Happy as I realize how important I'm towards you. But sigh. I guess it's guilty more than glad. Anyway, just 5 more days to our anniversary. Woohoo! 34 months of ups and downs and we're still staying strong. Thanks for tolerating me for such a long time. I love ya. Thanks for everything.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My little chestnut room.

Every single above is brought by jeviar! I mean those bears. (:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My reply! ^^v

From Jasmine's Darling.
Go thru by twitter that she wrote me all this.
's blog.. I'm so touched I'm still in her mind. Thanks darling for the note. I'll always rmb you, all the times we spent tgt with mb. When I was down, you guys were there. Making me smile. All the good times, will always be kept in my heart. Thou we've drifted alot but nothing change. As and when, we can still be as close. Physically far apart but mentally close in the heart. Darling, pls behave inside. Now go back old girl Liao sure will yaya abit one. But sun defiant k. I'll write letter to u and hope you'll reply me too. From now until you go back, pls stop whatever you're doing. I dun want u to suffer inside. eat more! I want to see u become as fat as me when you're out. Haha! Dun think so much la. I'm sure your bf will behave in ther cus he also wanna faster release and see you. You also must be good. Go up to band3 and have hl soon. Must always rmb my words, behaveee yourself inside. Dun collect many many VRs. Time will past very fast. Like you've said, dun regret anything cus everything happens for a reason. Let this be a lesson learnt. At least during this period of time, you found out who's true to u and who's not. Turn over a new leaf when you're out. Everyone you love and love u is all waiting for you outside. no matter how long the day is, it is sure to come. Darling, rest assured that I'll nv forget u. Take good care of yourself. Love ya! :)
Reply to Jasmine's Darling tweet, in blogger. (:
Hey darling I didn't know you can be so sweet eh. I almost kana diabetits by just reading at your tweets! (L) How can I forget you, dumb! We use to spend our 24 hours together, met up with all kinds of people and even plan how to settle with funny and crazy type of people. Haha, the most funniest one was the fat and old guy driving BMW which still want to be cocky all the time. And how can we forget about the most crazy one, Kenny's. Many more that I'm lazy to mention already. But the most cheebye really need to be list out, JoyceStephaine's. Haha, sometime when I think of the time we spend our time together I can really rofl sia. Don't worry about me, I'll behave well because I want homeleave early! Hehe, must yayapapaya a bit if not next time come out don't have such chance already. Need to see those boss face to earn money. >:( How to write letter eh, if you write me and I never reply means I never recieve already. But if I get your letter I chopchop will reply you de. Okay? You very loso ley, you want tell me how many times? Even if I don't eat much outside go back sure will eat alot one. Huh, darling I don't want same size as you. >:( You short that size okay, I tall that size like gaint already. So cannot. Ya, I'll fight for the best inside. You better keep to what you say uh! I don't want when I homeleave called you, you come telling me you don't remember you had a darling uh! I'll sure slap you. Hopefully you can get married soon, like what your dad tell your brother! Don't mind what others would said about you. Never let others affect you, as long as you're happy with what you're having now is content enough! Jiayou oh~ Best is when the next time I see you, your stomach big already!
From Cherry's Eightyone's in Facebook's.
Eightyone, I'm touched by seeing my special post on your blog:) Though we drift apart, but I believe these are obstacles that we've gone thru' & like now, you're really going back. I hope you can behave & yearn wad you should gain.Can't denied girls inside at fcuk up; but I'm sure you can endure with the name of your boyf & those who ...cared, flashing thru' your mind every now & then to remind you.It might be a hard time. But remember, good times always come after the hard ones. No matter wad, tell yourself. No need to bother bout' things or people inside. Give yourself a aim & faster get out from there:)I'm sure your boyf must be happy to hear that you're facing problems strongly & both of you shall go thru' together.I'll wait for you to be out & we can rock the night once more :D With loves, SherU ♥
Reply to Cherry's EightyOne's Wallpost.
Eightyone's shall reply it here, because was kinda messy if I reply it in Facebook! Thanks, I'll use my best to endure with all those girls. Wao, I'm sure I'll miss those times having you guys in Girl's home I wonder if those times will be the same. I can't imagine if new girls yaya to me. One thing I'm sure is my attitude not gonna be the same like the past. Well, partly thanks to you for that. I guess you're the only one in Girl's home made me change so much eh. Ya better keep to your words uh! Shall party again with my own own IC! Horayyyyy! (: I hope by the time I still see you and AhRay's together! Thanks for those encouragment anyway! Love ya!
From XiaoEn's Buddy in Facebook's.
Buddy Ru, I hope you'll remember all my advices throughout these years , heed them when you meet any problems after you go back . Behave yourself and earn your freedom back . And my greatest advice to you , never do anything you know will disappoint the closest people around you anymore . 'Cos too much disappointments would cause even... your closest one's hopes on you all smashed, even though he/she is one of the people who loves you the most. It's like smashing his/her heart into pieces over and over again, and there isnt any more tiny little pieces for you to even crush once more.. Nevertheless, I still do care. So, I hope you'll learn your lessons this time round. Take good care of yourself..Really utterly disappointed but.. still loving you,Buddy En.
Reply to Buddy XiaoEn's.
Buddy, I know I'd disappoint you too much this time. That's why I kept trying my best to "hong" you. But I guess by what you'd said above you'd given up half on this friendship. I'll still try my best to gain back when I discharge. Hopefully by the time you'll be feeling better over this matter. I know it's hard for you to gain it back now. But still I'll treat you the same. Buddy jiayou alright? I'll support you in any decsion you made, like how I used to. Buddy, if there's a chance please meet up before Sunday. :(
From others who care at Facebook's message!
hello xiaoru :)ahjave here , i know that we never talk/see each other before but i heard that you're going back real soon ..well , hope after you go back everything will go smoothly :) as your boyf won't have to worry about you too ..better eat and sleep well inside , now ~ the environment inside really changed alot but i bet that you'll slowly be able to adapt the life and time will really files :) FZ girls will be waiting for you to be out and do takecare of yourself alright ? jiayous ;Dandand , don't think too much when you're in lockup okay ? must eat and keep praying that your boyf is doing well at other place :) after discharge , you'll be free again ! hope will get to talk to you next time round ..
Reply to AhJave's.
Thanks for the concern, although I'd not seen you before. But still is sweet to see this from a unknown. Anyway so you've discharge from Girl's home already? Well, don't have to worry as I'm strong enough to face any obstacles. Goodluck to you in anything either! (:
From Weiping's in Twitter's.
@WinnieeLow you better be good inside & call me when you're out!! Stop playing those thing tooooo~ okok?! Love you 
Reply to Weiping's tweets.
Wao, you're the most useless one. But I still love you la! Bitch!
From Mabel's in Facebook's.
i'll wait for u to be bk! Believe in urself n believe me, when u're out u'll be glad dat u've stabled dwn ard. (:

Reply to Mabel's wallpost.
Thanks with all your support, I'll be strong and do better when I'm discharge! Better keep to your words uh! Don't later when I come out I call you, you tell me you don't know who am I uh! Anyway hope to see getting stable too~ Love ya.
From FangYu's in Facebook's.
Nu er going back huh be good Kay ♥ you see you soon time will pass and heals everything night to you be good inside and don't be naughty lol send all house mummy dat I too! Send you big big love and everything be string will be waiting for you
Reply to Fangyu's wallpost.
Thanks mommy. Jiayou for your newborn baby boy too. Love ya~
From Miner's in Facebook.
Hello baby, please do take care of yourself when you're back. Remember that you still have to help me celebrate my birthday next year, please do not forget me k. And i'll never forget you and the fun times we had. I love you ♥

Reply to Miner's wallpost.
Thank you very much for the concern. Yea, by the time I'm already out! But hopefully I'm working so that will be able to enjoy. ^^v Remember what I'd told you before? What past is the past, don't rewind it. People who judge you are those who get jealous about you, so what for give a damn on them eh? Correct? So be strong. Love ya too!
From Jeviar's in Facebook.
finally you're going back, don't last min say don't wanna go back all this hor. stay strong in everything, don't think of all the staying in lock up for 9 days if I'm not wrong, new girls who act yayapapaya, there's alot more to think and bear with it when you're back there. rmb what is the 1st promise that I promise you? if you really not going back to that hell, I promise to take care of you no matter we're friend or we're lover. I keep to my promise until now. I know I did break alot of promise that I have make to you, I'm sorry for leaving and didn't explain much to you. I know you can start to feel the different of how i treat you before I ask for a break up. the feeling change in me but not you, I know your feeling stay truth to me till you contact back with wk. I don't blame you to move on with life and see what you have now, you find someone better then me(: im sorry for everything that i done to you but i did do my part and best in this relationship. don't worry abt me, I know what I want and who I want, I'm not going to explain much cos whatever I say is nothing important alr. just take care of yourself. I'll be waiting for your letter to tell me how good you're in there.
Reply to Jeviar wallpost.
Ya, indeed for this two years you took great care of me. But I did the same as well ho! Although you hurt me so much by betraying me with my friend but I'd to fogot about all this. Because if you did not betrayed me I won't found someone that treat me better too. Maybe I shall thanks you too. I'll still keep to what I promise as to behave myself inside. Don't have to feel sorry for everything you done too because this is life. Everyone is selfish they think for themsleve. I can't deny but I does the same too. You used to put in effort in our past relationship but now what you've to do is put in more effort in our friendship. I do hope I can send a letter out for you and your family too. But I'm doubting if I can do so. Is my duty to worry about what you gonna do with your life after that because like what I'd said I owe you a "ren qing". Just be happy with what you'd and be contend with it too. Don't feel regretful for what you'd done because what done can't be undone too. Just be more worried about how to make your life better! All the best alright?
From Ahqi from Facebook chat.

Take care when ure inside(:Don't think so much alright? (:I believe ure strong to face everything inside. Cause the xiaoru i use to know is a strong girl(: Although me and u really dint talk much when we are out. But those times when we are together inside was really fun. Disturbing miss jessy(: hahs But u must behave huh! Don't be as naughty as last time(;Must control ur temper(; must endure no matter wad. The girls in there yaya then show her abit jiu can Liao(: don't show them too much(: yea<3 take great care
Reply to Ahqi.
Thanks, I'll listen to your advices. You also should take great care of you and your family alright? Luvya. I miss those time spending with you too.
From Deping's from facebook chat.
hey. hope you will take care of yourself when you are back ok. and both of you will be fine de. as in you and your bf. heard that now inside change alot liao. behave well then 4 month jiu can go home liao. time will past fast de. just endure it ok. hope you will not forget me as a friend ok:) hope after you come out you will think lia...o. dont do stupid things liao. hope you know what am i saying. is really not good for your body really. im telling you this is wanna you to know. hope you will not say me aunty hor. how bad it hurt you body you yourself should know.hais and thats why you really shouldn't waste your time anymore. you already waste so much of your time liao. dont you think so? you also should know whats you going to do next when you d/c. hais. hope to hear from you again when you are out. take care of yourself. my friend:)
Reply to Deping's.
Thanks uh, nui nai ping! (: Anyway I really hope before I go back I'll see the both of you together again. Seriously I can't deny that I felt a little guilty for what is happening between the both of you. Sigh. I shouldn't had helped her for hiding things from you. You also la, don't be silly keep on waste money on these. Ya, I'm sure I won't forget about you should party together again when I'm outta from that hell, eh! HAHA! But I'm sure I'll not touch those things after discharge! I hope by the time you does the same too! ^^v Had not try saying ILUVYA before and I'm gonna tell you now cause you touch me. Because I once heard from Meibao's you usually won't write something long to people one. But you're doing it now and and and and, I LOVE IT AND YA!
From Baby's from Facebook wallpost.
When going back ? :) take good care of yourself and remember you're not suffering yourself alone but sharing what your bf is going through. Okay ? Look after your health and I'll always remember I owe you a b'day present. Get it from me when you're out. Don't think about your timing bit just endure till th end. I'm sure your bf will be happy knowing you'd grown up. I'll waiting and hear from you soon. ♥
Reply to Baby's.
I need to wait for my boyfriend letter than can go back. Thanks anyway, and yea when are you returning me my present? Yea, I doubt if your word is what he's thinking about too. Sigh, luv.

I'm finally leaving for good!

Baby, you're leaving me again. Sigh, and I had to keep to what I promise to surrender after you are sentence. I need to help daddy do some stuff so that I can only go back at Sunday. I hope you'll behave yourself well, so that one and a half year later you'll discharge. I don't wish to see you getting your sentence extend to more than one and a half year. Sigh, I'd no idea why I don't dare to look at you when I'm in the court. I miss you but when I look at you I feel like crying. I'm sorry for all those time I let you down, I promise to wait. But please don't let me down by giving me empty promises. It's good if I go back soon, cause it's driving me insane staying outside. Thanks for those memories you gave me that whenever I think of it make me smile hard. Somehow by just thinking back can brighten up a few hours of my day. All I was hoping now is you'll change when you come out. I guess you must be feeling regretful too. Don't worry time will be fast, don't think too much. Don't have to worry any single thing outside alright? Luv ya, hope that everything gonna continue like the same way we had before. Gonna hope for the best and prepare for the worst. (: I guess I'm getting used to the life you're not around but still having the present of you. I miss you dearly. My last resquest, please be good.

Guess I also no need to say much already. I'd gave all the best I can. I'd no much time to try already too. Just take good care of yourself, look brighter in relationship. "Don't be a girl that need man, be a girl that man need". (: Jiayoujiayou. Don't be sucha silly to commit sucided for a guy again. Life move on, you can find a better one I'm sure. Look you're living so much better now. Some guys just don't worth your scarifice. Hope that you can stable down with the job you're having now. Hopefully by the time when I discharge you and I can be like the past. Thanks for being there when I'm feeling alone. You brought me up for the last heartbreak I had. All thanks to you, partly me and WeiKiong's can get together also because of you. Be strong in life, okay?
As what I've said, thank you for those time when you're here. Although you brought me down when I needed you the most, but you see god give me better things in life. But I still learn alot from you. Life give you experience and lesson to learn, and never repeat the same mistakes. I guess I'd not owe you anything anymore. But no matter what I still owe you a "ren qing". I hope you'll change and go back to the time when you earn lots of cash. Look those time when you're earning money people come to you. Please be more realistic in life, learn to see people more clearly. Not everyone who treat you good, don't ask for any return or want nothing from you. I hope the next time when I see you, you'll be someone successful. (: JIAYOU! Tje most wonderful one is still your parents.
Eightyone, thanks for the time when you're here for me whenever I'm facing relationship problem. Although we've drift but at least we once were close before, sharing those happy and sad times together! (: Hope you can really find someone that you can stable down with. Anyway wish you all the best in life alright? Jiayou!
I guess you would really like to know if I'm lying to you. Trust me what I've told you is all true. No point hiding things for her too, she had already asked me to tell you everything. Really nothing happen between the both of us, don't worry alright? She had never touch me after I had a boyfriend, even if she want I also don't want. Hehe, what's past is all past already. No point blaming on you or her either. Well, you see I get something better in return now. So I'm not gonna blame you for that already. I can't deny at the start I may get things difficult for us, but now no, I won't anymore. Anyway thanks for coming over to the court to look for me, after my boyfriend sentence. All the best to you too! Find a better job ba, night life can never last for long. (:
Jasmine Darling, kinda miss those time when we spend our days together. Those days was all laughing away. Although those are all over but at least we once enjoy before. Sorry that I can't turn up for your birthday. Please remember what I told you uh! Meet you up, when I'm back! (: Love ya!

Wao, now become people lao bu already. Last time see you breast also bo, suddenly become mother. Time is really passing so fast~ Jiayou uh! When I comeout I wanna see your son fatfat one eh! HEHE, goodluck to those crying sound you gonna face thru the years. Jiayou~ (:

And for those who care, good luck~ Love all my people!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good times come and go, but the memories will last forever.

I've need to vent all my feeling out here. I'd being counting down to tomorrow which is WeiKiong's court. But for now all that I can said is phobia of seeing the same thing, paranoid of being alone again. Sick of the life I'm leading now, words can't simply describe how had I gone thru all this while alone. Although I had friends along the way but this ain't curing the lonely-ness I'd gone thru all this while. Although I've know what the outcome am I gonna face thru but why am I still having little hopes that I can spend a little more time with you. Just a little will do, but there's just no such chance for me. For this almost one month, I've not being receive-ing any calls either message from you. Yet I'm still trying my best to hang thru those time. I should not had listen to you and I should had go back before you even left me out here alone, so that I won't be facing so much now. I've no idea what's the point being paranoid for all these time. Being thinking till a little too over, but I'll be glad if you made yourself out here tomorrow. I won't start all my bad habits again. Either your choice or determination being with me is still there or not, I'll not force you with any choices you made. (: I miss you so much that is what I can said most.

I'm sorry if I'd made you down on your birthday. Giving you empty promises on your birthday itself, when you told me so much about your last year birthday wasn't a blast as what you wanted to. Yet I've being giving you words that I'll make a blast this year. I'll give you time to cool down. I miss you Buddy XiaoEn's. >:( Somehow you really very petty eh, angry so long already still don't want reply my tweets and messages. But I know la, you really need time to cool down. I'd felt regretful for what I'd done and said. Time is running up I hope we could spend just a day together before I go back. If you really want this friendship to end it just this way than I can't force you any longer. I may seem that I don't concern but I did. Please take care of yourself in work. Even if your stomach is rejecting the food you ate, you still must force yourself to eat.

Bff MeiBao's, although it had being years I last seen you but I still hope you're fine. Don't have to blame yourself for treating me like this anymore cause no body is prefect. I just hope what I once told you really made a sense to you. Please make your life more meaningful don't slack your time away anymore. Thank you for taking care for me for this two years we had together. I'm just glad that you keep to what you promise like you said you will take care of me till I go back, indeed you did it. But now you've done enough already. Thank you, for being so caring for these two years. (: Like you said now life gave me something better. Just be true to who you are. I can't deny indeed I break down when I lose you, but now I'm smiling to my days ahead! Thanks a lot, much cherish by me.

Life moves on.

Okay I almost fainted at Expo last Sunday. Scared the hell outta of me. Wth, so damn scary lo, is either I squat down in the middle of the crowd or I continue walk and faint infront of the police. But I've no idea why I squatted in the end. Hehe, went to meet Jasmine Darling at Bugis afterwards, had Longjohnsliver with that silly girl, chatted and went for a small shopping. And ya, Jasmine Darling I'll eat and take great care of myself don't worry alright? Sames goes to you, but for you is to eat at the right timing. Gain so much weight already. Hehe, shall see if I still have the chance to see you on your birthday. :D

Congrats to my oldfriend WeiPing's for successful deliver out a babyboy to this earth! Brave enough to be a mom! 5th will be her boy fullmonth, try to be there on that day alright? But no promise cause too much things came thru lately and had occupied too much of my time. ):

Starting work at 9pm. Attending Baby WeiKiong's court tomorrow at 9am. Hopefully he can get the lightest sentence. ): Sigh. Although life inside make a big difference than outside but still you gotta be strong and go thru alright? I promise to wait. I love ya.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's like a dream.

-Fucking prefect by Pink. (Made me grow some self-esteem)
I still have the same strong feeling as the first time. The feeling does not stop growing indeed it go stronger. Looking back at those comment you gave in Facebook and messages you send, made the smile in my face go wilder and it does not stop. I miss you and I can't deny. I can't find anything that can help me, from enduring with all those time when you're not around. I rather go back to the place where I belong than to feel alone for all this while. The feeling hurts and it's making me insane soon. I miss the way you made me smiling to the phone, which I haven't feel it lately anymore. 2 more days to your visit from your friend. I just got the feeling that I gonna get hurtful messages. Well, maybe you ain't true for all this while. I got to be strong and still wait for you to be out. I promise, I'll do so.

I don't bother what you gonna say, I'll just wait for you to be out. If you discharge than you still don't wanna continue than it's a different thing already. I'll be strong, maybe I shall say I must get use to it. Please be good inside. Never should you, against the rules. You'll never win. I'm too tired of guessing what you want in life already, because I've never knew what you're thinking. Whatever I do sometime is a mistake to you, and that made me helpless. But those one month plus memories you gave made me hanging on there. Please don't give up, when you don't have the heart to do so. But if you have, than I'm speechless. I love you.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Never had a dream come true.

-I've never expect much in life, but why am I having hard time finding a stable one?
I've never asked for diamond rings, millionaire boyfriend, big house with 3 floors high, driving Bmw's, good looking guy or any more expectation girls want in life. Now I'm only asking for someone who's faithful, someone I love and love me the same way, treating me good, spend his time with me, never neglected me and never take me for granted. I may list some out of what I expected in a relationship. But am I asking too much?

I can't ensure you're 100% true towards me, but somehow you show that you really care. Although is only a month plus we're together and we have to be apart again. I promise and swear I'll wait for you. Just getting paranoid of what you gonna say, during your visit from friends. Sigh, please don't be so nice okay? You just gotta believe in what I've told you!

-Winnie love WeiKiong 24032011
-Please made this last for once.

Friday, May 13, 2011

-Poh Wei Kiong

I miss you, dearest. How have you being? I hope you're true-ly fine. >:( Since the day you went for your court I've not hear any thing about you. Baby, you just got to be strong inside. No matter how hard things turn out to be, you still have to be strong and tell yourself you're alright. I'll support you in any choices you made. Just follow your heart. There's nothing that can't be solve. but everything happen for a reason. But just be strong, okay? I love you.

4 more days to friends visiting Baby. I hope to hear good news. Sigh, I just miss you so much. :(

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Virgo with Pisces.

-Do this just for the fun. :)

Virgos being the perfectionists they are may despair of thePisces untidy and somewhat lazy lifestyle. Pisces are dreamers and often have their head in the clouds, which could annoy the more conservative down to earth Virgo. On the other hand, opposites do attract and the Virgo could actually become intrigued by the new Pisces ideas and versatile way of life. The Pisces in turn may look to Virgofor more security and stability in their life.

Pisces are sympathetic and caring and as they will work hard at most relationships, they have the perseverance and ability of winning over the aloof and seemingly unemotional Virgo. Pisces are able to see deeper inside a Virgos heart and soul, which Virgos try very hard to hide. Pisces can also learn to be a bit more practical from the more levelheaded Virgo.

The one thing that these two signs do have in common is that they are reliable, loyal and faithful. This is a pairing that will make a good marriage, if they can work out their differences in the long term. Their similar sense of family values can strengthen their relationship overcoming any obstacles and times of trouble.

Sick of being alone.

- A moment like this /Leona Lewis
What if I told you it was all meant to be,
Would you believe me
Would you agree
It's almost that feeling we met before
So tell me that you don't think I'm crazy
When I tell you love has come here and now

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime
For a moment like this
Some people search forever
For that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

Everything changes but beauty remains
Something so tender
I can't explain
Well I may be dreaming but till I awake
Can we make this dream last forever
And I'll cherish all the love we share

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime
For a moment like this
Some people search forever
For that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Could this be the greatest love of all
I wanna know that you will catch me when I fall
So let me tell you this
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Some people wait a lifetime
For the moment like this
Some people search forever
For that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Oh Oh like this

Oh Oh Oh Oh

I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Oh like this
I don't mind wasting a life, for you. As long as you're alright with it, I'll be fine with it too. Even if one day how sick I get of waiting, I'll still hang on tight, because you're the one I want to spend my life with. I may not win many others girls out there. But my faithful-ness will win them for sure. Choices is still in your hand. I don't mind risking to try again, as long as you're willing to be here with me. 20 more days to your sentence. I hope everything will goes fine and smoothly for you. I miss you so much, every single day. Without fail, I think of how much you're all the time. Sticking with me when we're at Eddie's place. Now, I do my own stuff and no one here to stick with me anymore. I hope that all those nice memories you've given me, I will feel it soon! Baby, jiayou and be strong. I luv you~

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'll love till you stop it.

Sigh, 22 days more I can see baby's already! I just miss baby's so much la. Hopefully time pass faster, so I can see baby earlier. I miss you baby. ): Life is just so miserable! I rather go back inside, than to be leave alone outside without you. I really can't get use to it. But I've never regretted loving you, you just deserve all the best! Wonder how are you inside? It really make me feel uneasy because I don't know how are you feeling, what are you doing and how are you. Sigh, I can't think of what I've learned right now, but I'll thanks you someday. Please stay cheerful always, I would not wish to see you down, crying and stuff! You're the motivation of me now. Though, you are not here to cheer me up when I cry so hard, but look I don't blame you. Yet I love you more, even! Faster come out okay? I miss and love you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Winnie is suffering.

Baby, I swear I missed you so badly. >:( I'm suffering with every tears I'm dropping now. Can you be here, for just one hour? I promise I'll speak all the truth to you. Let every thing turn back to the starting. I'll treat you the best that I can, listen to everything that you asked me to. I'll love you till you gave up.